Why blogging, why now…?


The idea of sharing ideas, deep thoughts, feelings, etc. is not new in my bucket list, I just finally decided to take that huge step of getting out of my comfort zone and make it happen. In today’s world, I’m finding very easy to accomplish this goal of mine through blogging, tons of tools available for free, entire communities to provide help and people always available to cheer you up.

While I don’t do this to obtain an economic benefit, so far, I will need to learn new skills , techniques and tactics used by the big publishers to promote my blog. Typing like a maniac, posting my latest vacation trip or favorite restaurants pictures expecting some magic to happen is not part of my plan, shouldn’t be anyone’s plan for that matter.

Now that you know why blogging, the most important question is why now. Simple, my daughter, she is becoming huge in my life. We are 9 weeks away from meeting face to face, smile at each other, hold hands and the most incredible and scary thing of all, guide her first few steps into this amazing world.

It’s too early to talk about the content of this blog, I just know that it’ll have English and Spanish posts, everything from books I read, sports, opinions, to daily life events and anything I feel like. If you have any ideas just leave me a comment, for sure I’ll read it, not sure I’ll do anything with it.

This is it for today, short and sweet.

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