My first childbirth class…


Not sure how Adam and Eve did it, alone in the Garden of Eden, without any type of training or guidance on how to deal with this. They were not the only ones, Richard and Lilli in the “Return to the Blue Lagoon” movie managed to do it by themselves in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, I need books, experienced friends advice, clueless opinionated acquaintances and a formal childbirth class.

I got there ten minutes before the session started, I sat on the floor in a room full of pregnant women. The instructor, a blond tattooed woman wearing dreadlocks, barefooted and with a low voice welcomed us to the 6 weeks long childbirth class.

After a brief introductory speech, where she highlighted her motherhood experience, technical knowledge and how scary this will going to get, she asked us for our expectations of the course. For me it was very simple, I wanted our baby childbirth to be a smooth experience for the three of us!!! Yeah right, that’s what I thought at the end of day one.

Two hours and a half talking about the stages of labor and delivery, each of them with an instructor performance worth of an Oscar Academy award. – While the performance was a little bit awkward at first, I think it was helpful to understand what to expect when the time arrives. – We also discussed ways to cope with each of the various stages, or at least how we can handle them better. It was very helpful to listen other couples too, how they feel, how they are preparing for this great event and where we all struggle.

We exercised our breathing to handle ice cubes on our hands, we talked about pooping during labor, puking, orgasmic childbirth, people eating placenta and other topics I hadn’t heard in my entire life. Overall, it was a very good first session, I would recommend it to any clueless dads to be like me.

I just need to keep this in mind: as gross, time consuming or painful this might sound, at the end of all this I will see my baby daughter and will be able to hold her in my arms!!


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