Finally here…welcome R


On July the 23rd we had a very nice dinner out and did some shopping for a back to school donation campaign, everything was going according to plan. I was about to open our house door, when suddenly she felt that strange sensation that we were afraid of, her water broke and we enter into an unexplainable, gigantic excitement for what we knew was coming up.

After triple checking that this was not just an “I really need to pee” situation, googling “water breaking experiences” and confirming with our OB what the deal was, we headed out to the hospital like we were going to a Caribbean resort. Yoga ball, 3 days of clothing well packed in a carry-on bag, tooth brush, cologne, gel, baseball cap, cellphone power cords and extra battery chargers, even a swim suit just in case I needed to get a shower with my wife during “early” labor.

We drove for about 15min in complete calm, sharing our thoughts about our new baby, encouraging each other for the new chapter in our lives, and I personally enjoying each moment alongside her, my beautiful wife. We even had time for a few selfies as we were getting into the hospital building.

One and a half hours past since we checked in at our “resort”, no signs of contractions, no signs of baby coming out, a lot of anxiety and we were all set in our hospital room. The big decision needed to be made, oxytocin or wait for natural contractions to kick off. Since her water broke and we needed the baby to come out in a reasonable time, we went ahead with the recommendation for inducing labor. At first, I didn’t know what to expect but I was closely monitoring the baby’s heart and my wife’s contractions in a small screen next to me.

Two more hours past, the worst ever for me, the contractions were constant, her pain was evident. I tried all the techniques I knew to keep her focused, to manage the pain, to work as a team to go through this together. Two long, painful, loud, intense hours, we needed to do something and we did it. While we were lightly against getting the epidural – I had personal reasons to avoid the anesthesia and baby combination, but I felt powerless, alone and with my two beloved ones in a fight for life. The anesthesiologist was kind, knowledgable, she helped me to hold my wife properly, to keep her calmed while she applied the drug. Hmmm, I almost forgot to mention, my wife was asked to read, fill out and sign a waiver while she was screaming of pain, this was the most hilarious and stupid request I’ve ever seen.

Few minutes later, all the pain went away, she was even smiling now. I felt relieved, color came back to my skin, for a moment I was terrified. Now, the only thing I needed to worry about was to make sure she was comfortable, and the baby beat was always present.

Few more hours past, contractions were consistent, nurses always present and taking care of my family. By checking the screen next to me, I knew exactly when the next contraction would happen, it was the perfect coordination from the nurse to ensure the pushing and the contractions were in sync. Contraction by contraction, push by push, I started to spot a little thread of hair, my baby was coming out and it was able to see her.

After a long night, the nurses finally called our OB as the baby was ready to see the light of the day, to meet her mother and father, to let us know how she looks like. All happened in a matter of minutes, first her head, almost at the same time her neck, and in seconds the OB pulled her out. I was astonished, speechless, in shock, my wife tired but her eyes wide open checking for her baby. As I was looking at my baby hugging her mom, I was asked to cut the umbilical cord, I did it without hesitation.

Immediately after, the nurses cleaned the baby up, put her on the scale, took measures, I ran to see her again, talk to her, touch her for the first time. Her eyes were open, she was trying to figure out what just happened. Took me few minutes to realize that in front of me was my baby, our baby, the most beautiful, lovely person I have met in my live.

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