My first time at NASDAQ


Since college I always wanted to work in the financial industry, seemed to be cool and with my engineering background I had big plans for the future. Life took me through many different roads, industries, acquaintances and friends. Today (July 18, 2015), I’m flying to New York to experience one of the biggest events any entrepreneur and business man could dream of, getting your company listed in the stock market – NASDAQ.

I work in the financial industry as I always wanted, in a company which has brought challenges, learnings and joys to my professional career and personal life. Now this company is giving me the opportunity to represent thousands of hard working professionals committed to make this a better world. I am one of ten lucky employees coming to New York with our CEO and Executive Staff to “Ring the Bell” at NASDAQ. 
The expectation is huge, the event  will be streamed online, all employees and share holders will be looking closely to the main event and the stock performance in its first day of trading (for the second time).

I think this is once in a lifetime opportunity, I want to make sure I enjoy every step of the way. I want to share this experience with my family and teammates when I get back. 


Best day in my professional life, representing thousands of employees in a huge milestone for our company. More here #PYPL

There is no way to quantify how much this experience is really worth, and  I don’t even want to measure it, new friends, mingling with the Execs, New York, etc – just perfect. 

If you ever get a chance to live an experience like this just enjoy it, don’t hold yourself back, feel every moment, take selfies, sing, make friends, friendships that last forever.


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