2016 Resolutions


Since we are on the first month of the year still, I’m totally allowed to write about this topic. It is almost impossible to think about New Year’s resolutions when you are eating, drinking or relaxing over the holidays. Actually, I will officially propose that we move all the New Year’s resolutions process to the beginning of each new year and stay focused on closing the previous year at full speed.

Now that we are reaching the end of January I started thinking about my own 2016 resolutions. For starters, I have ditched all those related to eating healthier, excercising more or saving money. Those have never worked for me, are completely unappealing and provide no short term rewards, actually these come with more frustration than anything else. These require a three year plan at least, something that doesn’t qualify for a “year resolution” in my humble opinion. I am not planning on being a better father, brother, son, worker or anything like that either, these require introspection and a continuous improvement process, these are not a point in time commitment.

After some back and forth, I decided that my 2016 resolutions should be simple and achievable. I am fully aware that by publishing my resolutions on this blog the Internet will be reminding me about them as well, so I will make it short and sweet:

1) Finish at least two half-marathons 

2) Read six books not directly related to my job

3) Start learning a new language

This is it, straightforward resolutions with measurable goals. I don’t want to be healthier or slimmer, I want to complete two races. I don’t want to be smarter, I want to read six books. And I am tired of moving a personal interest to learn a new language, so here we go.

Once I click publish there is no go back, so let it be. 

On your mark, get set…GO!!!


1) Two half marathons 

San Francisco Rock and Roll Half-Marathon, completed on April 3rd

San Jose Rock and Roll Half-Marathon, completed on October 2nd 

Big Sur Half-Marathon, completed on November 13th

2) Six books

“Zero to One” by Peter Thiel. Finished on February 27th, very recommendable.

“What Would Google Do?” by Jeff Jarvis. Finished on May 14th, interesting.

“Marissa Mayer and the fight to save Yahoo!” by Nicholas Carlson. Finished on November 30th, an excellent tale that ended with the acquisition of Yahoo! In 2016.

“El coronel no tiene quien le escriba” by Gabriel García Márquez. Finished on December 27th, a lot of introspection needed after reading it.

“Crónica de una muerte anunciada” by Gabriel García Márquez. Finished on December 30th, awesome.

“Super freakonomics” by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner. Finished on December 31st, lies, damn lies & statstics, worth reading.

3) New language 

Started learning French early in the year, stopped and never went back to it. Doesn’t matter why, this goal was not met. More on this on my next post.