Trip to the mother land…Mexico City 


Wander around Mexico City downtown, this is what you should do if visiting the city. It is historical, beautiful, entertaining and safe.  La Diana Cazadora” is an emblematic monument situated in Reforma Avenue, place of many celebrations, public demonstrations and political controversy. Along with “El Ángel de Independencia“, she makes Reforma Avenue the epicenter of many social movements.

The colonial architecture is present everywhere you go, Government offices, Religious buildings, public centers, you name it. Other buildings, built more recently in the 1900’s blend with those from the colonial times, it is just amazing.

I won’t bother you with more commentary, I will let you enjoy some of the pictures we took and plant the seed for you to come to Mexico City…enjoy.
Just one more thing, be prepared to try some goodies on the streets. If you are not used to spicy food or happen to have a sensitive digestive system, don’t go the full nine yards but give it a try….100% worth it and safe.

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