Trip to the mother land…Mexico City 


Wander around Mexico City downtown, this is what you should do if visiting the city. It is historical, beautiful, entertaining and safe.  La Diana Cazadora” is an emblematic monument situated in Reforma Avenue, place of many celebrations, public demonstrations and political controversy. Along with “El Ángel de Independencia“, she makes Reforma Avenue the epicenter of many social movements.

The colonial architecture is present everywhere you go, Government offices, Religious buildings, public centers, you name it. Other buildings, built more recently in the 1900’s blend with those from the colonial times, it is just amazing.

I won’t bother you with more commentary, I will let you enjoy some of the pictures we took and plant the seed for you to come to Mexico City…enjoy.
Just one more thing, be prepared to try some goodies on the streets. If you are not used to spicy food or happen to have a sensitive digestive system, don’t go the full nine yards but give it a try….100% worth it and safe.

Getting ready for the holidays…


Living abroad far away from your family has its ups and downs, pros and cons. Your new friends become family and family your first thought when planning vacations. 

Last spring, I enjoyed a one month long sabbatical earned after five years working at PayPal. Visiting our family was at the top of the list, same as traveling to new cities in the world. It was a no-brainer, let’s travel to new cities with all our family, I thought. It was the best trip ever and I will write about it in a later post, just check this pic. This time around is different, this season is one of the most important in our culture, thus we have decided to spend it celebrating posadas, Christmas, singing carols, drinking “ponche” and sharing time with the ones we love the most in the place that saw us grow.

I’m sure our little girl will enjoy it big time, she and her cousins will be at the center of everything, during Christmas and on New Year’s Eve. This is the first time they will meet, they will touch their hands and most likely will get a Hi or Bye from my little one. This is our next generation, the next from both sides of the family, the next that will carry our blood and names, the next that will enjoy the world we live in today.

As always, there is some sense of uncertainty and stress when planning these trips, but I’m sure that it will go as smooth as the one back in Spring. I think everything is about respect, dialog and making sure that everybody’s voice is heard. 

For sure we will miss our family in the Silicon Valley, we have shared one more year of laughter, feasts, hard training and early morning races. We will be far physically but close in heart. We will be back to share stories about the trip including two weddings, one baptism, some posadas, baby Jesus birthday party, year end celebration and Acapulco baby.

For me a sign of complete success will be our families getting together once again, the little one learning about our traditions and getting back recharged for 2016.

Traveling with our family has been always the best decision, something that should always be at the top of anyone’s list.

Before saying good night, I want to send a message to my friends and family. #Goya

And yes, those ugly sweaters in the picture are meant to be ugly and win a contest.